Our camp provides a true camping experience where kids sleep in tents and spend their days outdoors.  Tablets, phones and computers are set aside. We want our campers to completely disconnect from social media and technology for the entire week. And they do!

We bring mentors and motivational speakers to talk with the kids about social issues affecting them in their lives (relationships with their families, police, gangs, school,  drugs,….etc.).  We show them that even though they may live in rough and tough surroundings, through education and making the right decisions, their future can be bright.

When our campers come to our camp, they relax and their physical guard naturally comes down.  They are eager to meet our mentors and motivational speakers.   We try to capture that energy and have them focus on education and making good life decisions.  We want them to know that they can become what they aspire to be and we help them by providing a plan to meet their goals through written exercises and mentoring.  We let them know that accomplishments happen through hard work and commitment.  Our mentors and campers share personal stories of struggle.  Our campers are inspired.