City Kids Camp is a program of Educate-Trade-Create, an Illinois-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation.  We are committed to providing adventure, fun, hope and life-changing experiences for children who live in adverse conditions, in some of Chicago’s most violent-prone areas.  Our camp encourages kids to stay in school and away from gang activities and other destructive or criminal behaviors too common in under-resourced communities.  We provide interesting mentors, creative teachers, excellent coaches and helpful nurses to holistically focus on the kids’ health and well-being.  We look to raise financial and in-kind support to make this program available at no cost to the families that normally would not be able to afford such an awesome experience explore summer camp.

Educate-Trade-Create is headquartered in Chicago and our camp is located in Dixon, Illinois, on 45 acres of beautiful, forested land, only 90 minutes from Chicago.